You might not think it be like it do, but it does

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Top writer means absolutely nothing. Image created by author.

just wrote a great article about getting famous and how much it sucks. In it, he talks about getting “chained” to your fame. Here it is:

The creative chains he speaks of actually exist and I’ve felt them myself. While people don’t recognize me on the street, I’ve had my own taste of fame.

The Top Writer folly

I started writing parenting articles for Modern Parent a while back. I didn’t do anything special, I just wrote from my experience.

Evidently that was enough to obtain “Top Writer” status…

I had heard about it before and figured it would be awesome. Everyone…

Well said, Tom!

Resistance is an old foe in the author's world. We do the song and dance, eyeing each other as we move around the ring like fighters in a cage match.

We both know the deal: Nobody gets out of this alive. Either the words will be written or they won't.

When the author triumphs, resistance bows for the day before readying for the fight tomorrow.

As you said, no matter how tired you are, you're going to have to get in the ring and fight. It's a fight that has been set up since long before you started writing. It's not something you can avoid for long.

Eventually, you'll need to put in your time in the ring.

Every author does it, whether daily or occasionally.

Micro-writing saves the day!

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If your traffic lights look like this, pull over and write. Author created image.

Micro-writing is going to change the way you write.

Bold statement, sure. I stand behind my words, though, because it has drastically improved my life as an author.

I’m no stranger to needing dedicated writing time, so I’m not here to tell you that it’s not necessary at all. Having some time dedicated to writing is an absolute must if you want to improve as a writer. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again for you here: Michelangelo didn’t dabble.

Micro-writing isn’t about dabbling. It isn’t about writing on grains of rice, either. …

You might not like that version of your story, but someone does

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If only he had something to type here… Made by author.

You’re a writer. The words you write resonate with people. You’re worried that this particular piece of writing won’t hit the way the others did.

I’m here to tell you to post it anyways. You never know when one of your alternate takes will become someone’s favorite.

For example, Amy Winehouse provides vocals for several versions of the song “Valerie.” Out of those versions, one is going to resonate with someone.

The one that resonates with me in particular is actually more of an alternate take, but it’s the only one I’ll listen to on the regular. The others are…

This is probably the biggest part of becoming a writer and earning money from it. There will be many times where you don't believe in this dream anymore. It might be a rejection from a publication. It could be a family member telling you to get a real job... again.

For some reason people think being a writer is sunshine, rainbows, and big checks. In reality it's a dedication to a lifetime of work. In some ways, writing is more work than a 9-5, just different.

You did a great job with this piece and I got a ton of value from it. It really resonated with me. Thanks for writing it!

Thanks for reading, Tammy! I'm always happy to see you in the comments section (or on my homepage!)

You can’t put this in an eBook

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This crab wants you to buy his course. Author created image.

I bet you see at least one piece of writing advice every day. I know I do.

It seems like there’s always someone ready to give out a couple of tips — then charge for the rest. And you can’t blame them, because everyone has to make a buck. It does make it hard to tell the good from the bad, though.

  • This writing advice will buy you a Rolls Royce!
  • The only writing advice you need!
  • My course will fix your decades-old writing habits in a week!
  • I charge more because these tips are worth more!

The new writer…

If there’s too many, what’s the point?

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Author created image.

When you’re browsing Medium and you feel something resonate with you, what do you do? Highlight and comment.

What if there’s already comments? Even better! More interaction!

But what if there’s too many? How many is too many?

For me, that number is about 25. How about you?

What’s the point of leaving a comment?

I love interacting with the Medium community. Whether on my stories or someone else’s, a comment is a great way to touch base with the other humans on the platform.

There’s this reservation I have, though. And it revolves around the number of comments a post has.

As a writer on this…

A bill filed in the Florida House gives us a glimpse of the rules

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Created by author.

Florida has had a half-assed medical marijuana program for years now, and the residents only accept it because the alternative is getting arrested for a plant. A bill filed in the Florida House on 2/25/2021 seeks to correct this.

As with any legislation, the wording is complicated and presented in a format that’s difficult to read, so I transcribed the important points for you below.

What does the new bill include?

(1361) 566.033 Personal use of marijuana. —

(1) A person who is 21 years of age or older may:

  • Use, possess, and transport marijuana accessories and up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana.
  • Transfer or furnish…

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Author created image.

Can we all agree to do it this…

K.B. Hubbard

My writing will help you fulfill your human potential. I write about getting better, life, writing, and other topics.

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